Welcome to my home on the internet.  I’m a thirty something wandering soul who loves technology, science, travel and a good conversation.  All or some of the information on this website may be fictional.

I’m currently living in Montreal Canada, but who knows how long that’ll last…

Why dokk-aebi.com?  Am I Korean you might ask?  I’m not Korean but have been lucky enough to spend a lot of my time with Koreans and have had a chance to learn a little about their culture.  The domain Dokkaebi.com was taken by a squatter who wanted/wants too much money for it.

From wikipedia:

“In Korean folklore a Dokkaebi is a common word for a type of spirit in Korean folklore or fairy tales.

The Dokkaebi is a mythical being that appears in many old Korean folktales. Although usually frightening, it could also represent a humorous, grotesque-looking sprite or goblin. These creatures loved mischief and playing mean tricks on bad people and they rewarded good people with wealth and blessings. Dokkaebi are described as the transformed spirits of inanimate objects. The most common objects said to become Dokkaebi are usually useful everyday implements that have been abandoned by their owners or left in perpetual disuse, and include such wide-ranging objects as brooms, fireplace pokers, pestles, flails, and sometimes even trees smeared with maiden’s blood.

They are different from ghosts in that they are not formed by the death of a human being, but rather by the transformation of an inanimate object.”

Although I’m not one legged, I do like to wrestle random strangers and liked the idea of this character for the basis of my presence on the web.