Slackware LAMP howto and wordpress backup

It’s time for a geek related post!  As some of you may have read I recently modified the twenty ten default WordPress theme.  You normally don’t want to be working on a “live” website when trying to make changes to it.  Ideally you want a copy of your current blog so you can “test” different features before you place them on your live website.

I’m going to be walking you through the steps of setting up a Slackware 13.1 LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP) machine.  A Slackware lamp howto, so to speak.  I’ve always had a preference for Slackware Linux.  I was told (what seems like way too long ago now) that Slackware would allow you to get a better feel for administering a Unix machine than other versions of Linux.  What I did was setup a virtual machine running on my windows system.  This should also work on a local copy of Slackware (dual booting between windows and Slackware for instance). Continue reading

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Storm drain street art, Seoul South Korea

One of the nice things about simply wandering on foot in random directions is that you never know what you’ll find.  (That’s also one of the bad things about wandering around on foot in random directions but that’s for another post.)

During one of my first day treks in Seoul I found myself walking along the Han river.  I was in search of the bridges featured in the excellent South Korean movie “The host”.  It was while I was walking along the Han river pathway that I saw from a distance a large piece of graffiti, which you can see to the right.  This piece although not particular interesting to my eye was &*^%@# huge.  As I got closer to the area it was clear that there was no way to get into the entrance of the storm drain without going around a small fence. Continue reading

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New design is up.

I’ve been playing with WordPress (I say playing because I’m by no means a programmer) and decided to modify the default twenty ten theme a little.  I’m was going for a simple layout without too much fuss and I think I achieved my goal.  There are still some things that aren’t exactly as I’d like them but I’ll tackle those at a later time.  For instance the Archives page needs to be made to “look” nicer (actually it’s broken at the moment!), the site is also reverting to the “old” version when browsing by category, the individual pages are including an unnecessary title at the top of each page, the header image/logo is a little higher than I’d like and finally some of the menu colors aren’t exactly where I’d like them to be.   

That being said I’m pretty happy about the new look.  You can see what the site used to look like below:

I think it’s a decent hack for a few weeks of tinkering.  Once I have the urge and a little spare time I’ll work on getting the last few pieces looking exactly how I want them.


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Footloose remake; inappropriate within the first few minutes, amazing all around. “No skiballing!”

Over the past few years a few different projects have done something similar.  They will take a movie, divide it into parts and then have different groups of people each film one part.  They will then take all the parts and cut them into the original movie.  I hope I’ve explained it in a clear fashion for those not familiar with these types of projects.   You get to watch a familiar movie played out by bunch of different actors.  They’re usually entertaining and fun to watch.  That being said you may want to read the whole post before hitting play.  Depending on your sensibilities you could very easily be offended.

The most recent project to do this is the footloose remake.  From their website they explain the reason behind doing so:

“We are a collection of amateur filmmakers and video-making enthusiasts, recreating the Kevin Bacon classic and releasing it this summer. Different filmmakers from “around the world” have divided the original 1984 Footloose into 54 different scenes. 54 different filmmakers. 54 different Ren McCormack’s. Continue reading

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“Summer time and the living is easy” Montreal.

Spring is in the air and summer is just around the corner.  Everyone seems to be walking with a slight skip or bounce in their step.  After our long Canadian winters it really does feel like the people were coming out of hibernation in mass somehow.

The trendy, the tourist and the locals were all out bustling along their favorite streets such as St-Denis, Mont Royal or Sainte-Catherine.  I zig zagg’ed my way through the crowded arteries while wandering down the alleys to see what new pieces I might find.

I was on another of my cross city treks, starting in the east of town near the Continue reading

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