Seoul second impressions

I’ve been in Seoul just over a month.  I’m sitting on the KTX (the “bullet” train) on my way to Busan/Pusan and then onto Japan by ferry.  I’m certainly not the first person to remark on the fact that sitting in any type of port of departures and arrivals makes one introspective.  There were groups of young boys stumbling into manhood in their military uniforms together. Moms and fathers seeing their uniformed sons off with a mixture of worry, pride and love on their faces.

Families starting a new, Continue reading

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Getting from Seoul South Korea to Tokyo Japan

Here’s a quick post on getting from Seoul South Korea to Tokyo Japan which includes the “how much did it cost?” when I made the trip.  The first part of the journey was to get from Seoul to the southern port city of Busan.  I booked a seat on South Korea’s KTX (fast train) by walking into the “Seoul Station” metro station at the stop Continue reading

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Mad for garlic, Gangnam Seoul South Korea.

Me and my Korean friend stopped into Mad for Garlic as I was in the mood to sit down in a nice restaurant and share a delicious meal over a glass of wine. They have several locations across Seoul (possibly across South Korea) but we ended up at Apgujeong location. This is a very trendy and fashionable district with brand name shops such as Luis Vutton, Rolls Royce and many others that most individuals can only dream to afford. Continue reading

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This Korean dish has been one of my favorites since first trying it several years ago. I regularly would make it for myself and friends in Montreal.  I’ll describe it and then follow it up with the official description afterward. Dakgalbi is pieces of deboned chicken thrown into a large pan to which you add things such as bean sprouts, cabbage, Continue reading

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Seoul race horse track

On Sunday the 30th of May I dragged out my Korean friend for her first visit to a horse race track.  When I was younger one of my grandfathers used to race horses.  I wasn’t around them as much as I would of liked but I have fond memories of his horse(s), hanging out around the track with my family and watching him race. Continue reading

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