Stopped by the Tokyo Police! Minowa, Tokyo Japan

I met a Korean girl, fluent in Japanese at the Lyhpard bar. Through introductions made by the owner we ended up talking the night away. We kept chatting away and drinking until the closing time at which point we both wandering outside.  Jung Hee was riding her bicycle home and I explained to her that I had yet to ride a bicycle while I was in Asia (something I do regularly in Montreal).  Continue reading

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New Koyo Hotel/Hostel, Mikata district Tokyo Japan

When I initially arrived in Tokyo I spent a few hours wandering the streets for an internet cafe where I could spend the night. After having found one and settled in; the next thing I wanted to try to accomplish was to locate an affordable hostel/hotel.  As anyone who has visited Tokyo can attest it can be an expensive city. It was with this in mind that I stumbled upon the New Koyo Hotel.  Continue reading

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Tokyo internet cafes:

There are many internet cafe’s in Tokyo.  Now when some of you think internet cafes you may think of a darkly lit room full of cigarette smoke with nerdy boys and men playing video games.  That description certainly holds true for some of the internet cafes spread across South Korea and Japan however in Tokyo and a few other large cities there’s a new class of internet cafe’s. Continue reading

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Tokyo station chinese food, Tokyo train station, Tokyo Japan.

As previously mentioned In another post I had three things I wanted to get done as soon as I got into Tokyo: Finding the tourist information center, locate a locker to store my backpack and get something to eat. It was almost 5 pm and I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast which had consisted of a can of peaches. Finding the storage locker was easy, Continue reading

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Konichiwa Japan!


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I got into Tokyo on Tuesday around supper time. Went from Seoul to Busan using the fast train in Korea, then took the over night ferry to Shimonoseki (Japan). Finally took the bullet train from Shimonseki to Tokyo and arrived around 5 pm. I wandered the city streets looking for a place to stay that would be within my budget and ended staying at a internet cafe. Remember this is Japan and internet cafe`s are Continue reading

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