Toykino! Toy Museum, Seoul South Korea

While walking home from a nice trek along the old Seoul gate wall (another post on that subject later) I came across the Toykino toy museum.  At first I didn’t realize that it was an actual toy museum, the billboard/sign had a superhero on the front of it and a small spray painted stencil of a punk girl with a bazooka (a nice touch if I do say so myself.). Continue reading

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Seriously fast food! (part 1)

One of my worries prior to arriving to Korea was finding what I considered to be western comfort food.  Much to my surprise Seoul has an abundance of coffee and pastry shops, western brunch and fast food joints.  To top it all off there’s always the awesome Korean traditional and fast street food. Continue reading

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Seoul, first thoughts.

I’ve now been in Seoul for a little over a week.  I arrived Friday afternoon after what seemed like a marathon spent in airports (20+ hours total travel time).  I flew out of Halifax and as I had an early flight I got dropped off by my good friend (Thanks Albenie!) and spent the night hanging out at the airport.  The trip started well as I had a few old school pinball games to keep me busy.  One gobbled up my change without working, another worked but the flippers/buttons didn’t seem to respond and finally the Elvira machine rocked.  Continue reading

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“First post!”

In Montreal I don’t have a television in my apartment.  Prior to leaving for Seoul I stopped in at my parents place to spend a little time with them and my relatives.  It’s there that I saw this commercial for the first time.

Although many of you will have seen this before today, I thought it was simply wonderful and expresses how I feel about the world perfectly.

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