19 Juillet BBQ Japonais à la façon Thazard. Thazard Japanese BBQ July 19th.

As you may have previously read, I’m recovering from a hernia and have just recently begun socializing and going out more.  Several weeks ago I spent an afternoon at Montréal’s Spanish club with a close friend and an acquaintance.  The acquaintance in this case was David, one of the owners of Thazard.  Thazard bills itself as a “Bistro Japonais”/Japanese Bistro”.  If you’ve followed my blog you’ll know that I’m big on Japanese culture and have had the pleasure of traveling there on several occasions.  I even took out my favorite Japanese shirt for the event:

dressed for thazard back

He mentioned in passing that they would be holding a Japanese BBQ “à la façon Thazard” in a few weeks down the road.  That was all the convincing I needed and anxiously waited for the tickets to go on sale.  I polled all my friends, suggested they should come.  In the end life got In the way and none could make it.

I had been to Thazard on a few occasions, mostly by myself to grab a bite to eat.  Although they bill themselves as a “Japanese Bistro” many items on the menu have a Korean influence.  For instance they have a great home made kimchi entrée which I order every time I’m there.  They also serve Soju, which is always nice on hot humid nights.  I had previously tried the kimchi, scallops, calmari, wagyu beef burger and the yaki udon dishes.   I had mentioned to Dave that everything I had an opportunity to try in terms of food was good, but I would gladly eat the scallop appetizer and burger over and over again until I got sick.  It’s a mix of salty freshness that leaves you craving more.  The yaki udon was nice and light and the wagyu beef burger, fries and coleslaw are just simply delicious.  Pictures of everything with the exception of the yaki udon below.  Click to enlarge!

But enough about the regular menu.  I was there for the BBQ à la Thazard!

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Casual Friday takes on a whole new meaning when you work from home.

casual fridays

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I’m lucky I got a hernia: Perspectives on pain and pleasure.

My back had been bothering me more than usual for a few months. I had been going to the gym, stretching and running more frequently with the hope it would strengthen my back and core muscles.  Early in December while working at my desk I experienced a sudden, sharp, shooting pain down the right side of my leg.  A pain that went from a “bother” to “unbearable” with slight movements and was only getting more severe by the minute.

A picture of a Sake tag with the island of Montréal in the background.

It was late at night. I immediately took the strongest anti-inflammatory I could find in my medicine cabinet and tried to get to sleep. Continue reading

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Life in slow lane, a tale of a snails paradise.

There’s the spot on Notre-Dame which always seems to have a lot of snails on the sidewalk. Beside the sidewalk is a small patch of grass and shrubbery. It’s lush and for most parts of the day doesn’t get any direct sunlight so it stays fairly cool. Year after year these little guys can be found on the sidewalk in the morning in this one spot. I’m told they’re an invasive species, but have never bothered to confirm if that was correct.

If you’re at all tired, not paying attention or typing on your phone it’s very easy to walk on one of these little guys and girls. As someone who crosses this path frequently it only took one or two crunching sounds under foot to start paying a little more attention when crossing the area. The sidewalk is littered grave yard to the fallen of this little snail paradise in St-Henri.

Snail paradise

So there you have it: Snails playing Russian roulette every morning in their little paradise.

Keep on keepin’ on little guys!

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You are loved


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