Revisiting an old friend: The new Satay Brothers location.

A few months ago (sometime in November If I’m not mistaken) I was walking home along my usual route when I saw one of the Satay Brothers crew.   I didn’t think anything of it because we live in the same neighborhood.  It wasn’t the first time I ran into one of the gang.  The Satay brothers ran a little restaurant in St-Henri, which during the summer time would move to the Atwater market.  I wrote about them a couple of years ago.  I had walked by their St-Jacques restaurant location a few weeks earlier only to discover they were closed.  I thought to myself maybe they were taking some time off between closing their Atwater location and opening their restaurant location.


A couple of days later I’m walking along the same road and I see a different Satay Brother owner walk out of a building that had it’s widows covered up.  I froze in my tracks and exclaimed “Dude, please tell me you guys are opening here!”.  Continue reading

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Place St-henri metro station by night.

Station place St-Henri metro

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My first visit to RIDM: The Montreal International Documentary Festival

A change of seasons has brought a change in my social habits.  It had been a while since I had two steady days off a week.  With this in mind I had been looking for new things I could try in Montreal.  I was checking the local city listings when one of them had an article discussing some of this years showings at the RIDM.

The first documentary I saw was “A City is an Island” which described itself as:

“In a Montreal where linguistic identity is a permanent, fundamental issue, a community of talented English-speaking musicians has put down roots, attracted by the city’s comparatively modest rents. The scene has grown into a cultural world unto itself. Warehouses abandoned in the 1990s now buzz with these discreet but busy new arrivals, contributing to Quebec’s cultural life even though they are barely integrated into it. Timothy George Kelly’s film is an uncompromising exploration of the paradox of a dynamic independent music scene that remains permanently distinct. Made with the same DIY ethos as its subjects apply to their music, A City is an Island introduces us to Mac DeMarco, Patrick Watson, Sean Nicholas Savage, Tim Hecker, Colin Stetson and many more.”


It was my first experience attending a RIDM event.  The first showing was held at the “amphitheatre du coeur des sciences” on Sherbrooke street.  I didn’t know if I should expect large crowds so I turned up a good 45 minutes early with a book. Continue reading

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First visit to Kazu, 1862 Ste-Catherine Ouest.

Kazu describes itself as “Inspired Japanese eats, from housemade tofu to shrimp burgers, in a cozy nook with an open kitchen.”  I’ve often walked past Kazu only to see lines of people waiting outside for a table.


This image belongs to

The restaurant itself is small and quaint.  The staff were all Japanese and I was greeted in French and English.  As expected, the place was full and I had to wait 5 minutes at the door along with other folks. Continue reading

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Just a great night in Montreal.

IMG_20141120_220232It’s November 20th.  Winter has arrived to Montreal and the cold and snow have begun to creep into our consciousness.  A few months ago one of the guys sent a link to a Sean Nicholas Savage video/song on youtube.  When I first heard the song I have to be honest and say I didn’t appreciate it.  It wasn’t the type of music I would normally listen to.  I wasn’t going to base my whole opinion of the artist on the one song, so I searched for other videos of him on youtube.  That’s when I stumbled upon his performance at Hog Hog 2013.

Now to quote Shepard Fairey – “I respect passion”.  Last week I happened to catch the A City is an Island documentary.  It discusses the English Montreal music scene and was being shown at the Rencontres Internationales du documentaire de Montréal.  Continue reading

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