My custom ride: Vilano Wave 3 speed internal hub with manual shifter.

I’ve always ridden bicycles.  Living in a smaller city it was a great means of transportation as well as being a good workout.  When I used to live in the western Canadian provinces I owned a mountain bike and would often go riding down the Canadian Rockies.  We’d use one vehicle to shuttle all the bicycles to the top of the mountain.   We’d leave all the other vehicles at the bottom. You would then ride down the mountain to your waiting vehicles.

For the past few years I had been using an old mountain bike I had modified to ride on the street.  It had served me well but was showing it’s age.  It was with this in mind that I decided I would purchase/build myself a new bicycle this summer.

Over the winter months I had done some research/shopping for the frame I wanted to purchase.  At the beginning of April I made the decision and I ordered a Vilano Wave off of amazon.  My intent was to tear it down, customize almost everything and get it repainted:

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All right Al, I’m on board.

Weird Al posted Mission Statement yesterday.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s a great little video and wraps up his 8 videos of new songs in 8 days.  I think my productivity may have gone up…

Enjoy everything that’s coming your way Al!  Check out his youtube channel for all his classics.


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The Montreal Fantasia Film Festival

As anyone who has visited (or lives in) Montreal can attest summers here are warm, fun and will have your calendar quickly filled up.  It’s hard to believe that despite having lived here for over 5 years I still had not taken the time to experience the Fantasia Film festival.  To quote wikipedia:

“(also known as Fantasia-fest, FanTasia, Fant-Asia) is a genre film festival that has been based mainly in Montreal since its founding in 1996. Regularly held in July of each year, it is valued by both hardcore genre film fans, and distributors, who take advantage of the eclectic line up to select foreign and domestic films for release across North America. By virtue of the reputation developed over the last 15 years, this festival has been described as perhaps the “most outstanding and largest genre film festival in North America””


For those who might not be familiar with my blog:  I enjoy anime, Asian films and culture and consider myself a “geek”.  Seeing as the Montreal Fantasia Film festival is a mix of all these elements, I should have made a point of attending much sooner.

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There’s just something about this video.

It isn’t the first time I’ve seen this video.  There’s just something about the visuals, editing and sound which I find interesting and captivating.  It starts off strangely but give it a chance.

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Some of my favorite summer activities in Montréal: Part 1.

Old man winter seemed to have it in for Canada this past winter. Several different records were broken in various Canadian cities, for the most part related to the cold.  This no doubt plays into the fact that myself and my friends have been talking about just how great this summer was going to be.

Most of my travel recently has been to visit family.  I had a chance to visit some of Louisiana a while back but never got around to discussing it on my blog.  Despite summer being a few months away at some point in April I purchased a small portable charcoal barbq, The Weber 18″ jumboe Joe which can be seen below:

weber_jumbo_joe_no_modificationsI had watched a few reviews on youtube prior to making the purchase.  Based on this specific review I decided to add two modifications to the barbq itself.  The first was that I added the small handle at the base of the barbq which makes it easier to open and close the vent.  Without this handle you’re risking small burns.

The second addition was that of a small thermometer.  Although perhaps not sensitive enough for some individuals, I enjoy having a general idea of the temperature inside the barbq.  One of my favorite aspects of the barbq is the fact that it’s portable.  There’s a small metal lever which when raised “locks” the barbq and the hood together for transportation.  You can see all of the above mentioned items in the gallery below:

Most of our barbq’ing happens along Montreal’s Lachine canal which runs from downtown Montreal almost to the end of the west island.  We’ll normally have one person carry the barbq, another the cooler and a third the charcoal and liquids (usually beer).

We’ve got a favorite spot along the Canal we visit.  They have multiple picnic tables, a few large tree’s for shade and plenty of room to throw around the frisbee.  We’ll get to the spot, light the charcoal and let the barbq warm up.  While that’s happening we’ll have a few beers, talk and throw the frisbee around.

Most Montrealers know this but some of you who visit this blog might not be aware so I’ll make a point of mentioning it:  Montreal has a very laissez-faire attitude (live and let live).  Police will not bat an eye at a group of friends sitting around the picnic table with a barbq and beers in hand.  As long as you’re not being loud, obnoxious or a bother to other people in the park they’ll most likely just keep on walking or bicycling when they see you.  That same attitude also prevails in regards to marijuana.  I’ll come back to this in another post about Montreal summer activities.

There are two things I also need to point out:  Please note that you’re not allowed to bring your barbq around some of the historic Lachine canal locations.  The second slightly sadder aspect of the Lachine Canal is that east of the Atwater market they’ve begun construction of several large condo buildings directly on each side of the canal.  I’m of the opinion they’re a blight to the landscape and are going to be ugly once completed (large square building along an an-otherwise beautiful canal with tree’s.)  I’d hate for any of you to visit this part of the Canal only to see condo building after condo building.

IMG_20140528_205403So there you have it, part 1 of my favorite summer activities in Montreal.  Hanging out with friends on the Lachine Canal.  Slowly cooking some food on the barbq as we throw the frisbee, enjoy a few beers and talk about the world.  You can find more information about barbq rules and facilities on the city of Montreal’s website.


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