Hot ones; You need to be watching this show.

Ivan Orkin was also recently featured in season 3 of Netflix Chef’s table.   Sean Evans from First we feast is tearing things up with fun guest, interviews and questions.

My spicy sauce game has increased immensely since I started following the “Hot ones“.

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A weekend getaway to Boston.

Having recently got back from Colombia, Boston wasn’t a something I had planned ahead of time.  Since I’ve gone from two jobs to just one, I’ve been making an effort to expand my circle of friends and in general just get out there and socialize more.

I had been communicating with this great girl from just outside Boston for a few weeks.  As Boston isn’t too far from Montreal, we had discussed the possibility of eventually meeting up in Boston to hang out.

This would be my first time in Boston and I was looking forward to visiting several local sites.  I flew in early Friday morning and took the public transit into the downtown core.  I had done a little research ahead of time in terms of restaurants and places to eat.  It was with this in mind that I got off at “Central” stop on the red line.

I then slowly made my way over to the Continue reading

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My first Latin American trip: Visiting Bogota and Santa Marta Colombia.

I was excited for this trip. This was going to be a trip of many first.  Not only had I not traveled in a long time, It would be my first time traveling with “the guys”.  Our group of friends from Montreal.  It would also be the first time I set foot in a Latin American country.

In order to get the best deals on our flights, 3 us flew from Montreal to Toronto the night before our flight from Toronto to Bogota Colombia.  Because our flight got into Toronto airport late, we decided to sleep at the airport rather than spend unnecessary money on a hotel for what would amount to less than 5-6 hours.  We had some fun at the airport before settling in for the night on the available chairs and play area.

Two of our other friends had flown into Toronto earlier and had booked a room at a hotel near the airport.  They would be meeting up with us the following morning.  Continue reading

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Not dead


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The 2016 Montreal Fantasia International Film Festival

Fantasia 2016 has come and gone.  This year was the festivals 20th anniversary.  Since first attending the festival a few years ago it now has become an annual tradition.  Here’s the 20th anniversary poster:

This year I went ahead and purchased two 10 pack tickets, for a total of 20 tickets.  I also took a week of vacation time at the start of the festival.  Going a step further I also purchased one of these small tripod chairs.  It’s just the right size to stuff in a backpack and use while you’re waiting in line for the more popular movies (opening and closing nights of the festival, among others).

The reason for the chair purchase is simple.  I like getting in line early for the movies I’m going to attend.  Part of the fun at this festival is getting in line and talking with the other festival goers.  For the more popular movies lines will begin several hours ahead of time.  Standing for an hour or more can cause your legs and back to start to ache, and being able to pull out this compact little chair to sit for 15-30 minutes is perfect.

This year I had a long list of movies to catch.  Lets get started with the spoiler free reviews! Continue reading

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