A few words on privacy:

In our day and age some people don’t mind giving out their personal information on multiple sites, in person or by other means (filling out surveys, by telephone, contest etc).

I don’t like the idea of companies knowing all of my private information.  Why would you want anyone to know your date of birth, location of birth, sex, friends etc?  One particular popular site related to books and your “face” makes all of this possible.

I think people tend to forget just how easy it is for this information to fall into the wrong hands.  Once the information is out there it’s also very difficult to remove.  Once the genie is out of the bottle it’s very hard to put him/her back in.

For this reason and others on certain occasions I will omit information intentionally.  This is so places, people and stories may be difficult to prove and/or locate and of course to respect and preserve individuals privacy.

The next time you’re thinking about filling out an online form, survey or joining a social networking site take the time to wonder how the information you’re giving them may be used.