Officer Bubbles, welcome to the internet.

Officer Bubbles or Toronto Police Constable Adam Josephs as he prefers to be called is upset.  I’ll start by saying that perhaps Constable Adam Josephs is a great individual.  I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.  I wouldn’t want to start this post on the wrong foot because from here on end I’m going to be blunt.

Officer Bubbles is the now (in?)famous police officer who threatened to arrest a G20 protester if any of the bubbles she was blowing their way hit him or any of the other officers.  You can see the video in question here:

In his own words: “If the bubbles touch me you`re going to be arrested for assault, do you understand me?” Not too long after another video appeared on youtube as an animated comic which had Mr officer bubbles arresting various characters such as Santa Claus for blowing bubbles (or so I’ve read).  Since the lawsuit that video is no longer available.  I have no doubt copies of the video will continue to crop up and if anyone has a copy please email me and I’ll put it up on the site.

Update:  You can find all the comics here:

No telling how long the links will stay up but you can find a video mix of it here: Enjoy! Seems very much like a parody to me…

Shocking… all of them are back up… that didn’t take very long now did it? Enjoy!

It seems Officer Bubbles didn’t like some of the comments that we’re left by anonymous internet users after the animated video.  He’s suing youtube for 1.2 million in damages and to identify the anonymous people who added comments to the video.

I have some news for you Officer Bubbles: You acted like a douche. It was caught on camera and now you don’t like the comments that anonymous people are leaving on the internet.  Get over it!  You opened yourself to criticism the moment you tried to intimidate an individual blowing bubbles in your direction.

The fact that you’re suing, wasting the courts time and taxpayer money makes it even more evident that you don’t have a clue.  I’m guessing you just haven’t heard of the Streisand effect.  Your profession may be an officer of the law but you’re not an officer of free speech (at least not yet) and you can’t decide what people can and can’t write about you.

Listen I get it you’re a police officer.  I myself have worked with the public and any job where you have to work with the public is difficult.  I understand it was a stressful situation; the government had spent so much money on ‘security’ for the summit and tensions were high.  Maybe you had a bad day and didn’t feel like having a protester blowing bubbles in your direction.  I almost feel for your pain… Except for the fact that you’ve now decided to proceed to court because of comments left by random internet people.

In my opinion and it is only that; It makes you look like exactly like you did in the video, a bully.  Someone in a position of authority enforcing what he wants because he can.  We’ll I’ve got news for you: It’s not going to work on the internet.  There will always be anonymous comments because there’s absolutely no way to prevent it and hopefully there never will.

You should of let this stay in the past.  Instead it’s like you poked a beehive with a stick while wearing only underwear.  There are a whole bunch of people with much too much time on their hands on the internet who don’t care about you or how you feel.  How are the people leaving comments on youtube regarding your actions any different than your intimidation of the bubble blowing protester?

Oh right, you were wearing a badge….

My blog doesn’t get a lot of traffic but if you stumble upon this article, please fee free to leave a message (anonymously of course!) for Officer bubbles below. Who knows maybe he’ll try to sue me as well?

Police officers work hard but they’re also human. I’m not judging the actions of the officer on that day even though in my opinion he abused his authority.  However when he decides to take on anonymous commenting because he feels threatened or offended then I believe he’s acting as an individual who doesn’t have a clue.  If you happen to see Officer Bubbles working the streets of Toronto, please blow some bubbles his way….

Here he is getting ready for the bubble to strike!


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